ADRs as a decision-making tool like RFCs

From Wikipedia:

Steve Crocker first introduced the RFC system in 1969 to help record unofficial notes during the creation of the ARPANET. Later, Internet RFCs became established and are used by the Internet Engineering Task Force as official documents of Internet specifications, communications protocols, procedures, and events.

I value the trust and believe that individual contributors should be involved in architectural and high-level technical decision-making. I consider every line of code to be a decision made on behalf of someone else, and having a fast-growing team makes technical decision-making particularly difficult to manage.

Why we introduce an engineering ladder?

The first discussion around a career ladder came up at the beginning of 2020 with our beloved teammates. We were at a team offsite, the Little Atlantique Brewery at Nantes, to discuss the past year, what was cool and less cool, and what we could improve as a company? The idea was to discuss those topics with each team in an intimate and cozy environment. It allowed me to see the topics that would come up often and establish a list of the “most important topics.” The career ladder was one of the topics that came up.

Joining a new company and onboarding teammates properly is a mutual challenge, both for the company and the newcomer. The first day and first month are crucial when you should follow the new teammate closely and ensure you get all the right materials. It’s a whole new life that opens up, and there is a lot of unknown, like:

  • What is the real company’s culture?
  • How is the company organized?
  • How is my team organized?
  • What kind of rhythm does the company have?
  • What is the company currently working on?
  • … and so on

Fortunately, the Akeneo onboarding process helps…

The founding of Caroff vinegar factory dates back to 1952

2020 is a crazy year for me, my family, my loved ones, my teammates, everyone. It is not yet finished that it outperforms all the other years that I have known. 2020 is also a symbolic year for me. I was born in 1980 in Brest, France. 20 years old in 2000 and, therefore 40 years old in 2020. I thus felt the desire, the need to write down what I have experienced and did during these 18 short years of work. I get embarrassed talking about myself in public but, as anyone out there, my story can inspire you…


In June 2019, I started a new role at Akeneo as an Engineering manager in the Product department. For the first few weeks, I sat down with my teammates, and I mostly listened, read, talked, and wrote down improvements on different topics. Following up on those notes, I figured the documentation tools could vastly be improved. To give you an idea of where we were at this point: we used Confluence, Github, Gdrive, and a homemade website to document everything.


When I first started breaking down the tools, processes, and documents, I was faced with the overwhelming challenge of understanding…

First of all, a bit of context and why this subject matters to me. I coded since I was 12 years old and until I reached my thirty. Then, I switched to a production engineer role with less coding and more system installation or configuration.

I worked as such for 10 years and evolved within a manager role. We may indeed say that I was lucky, in fact, all my career was self-chosen and never constraining, all my path was minded and fitted my will. …


The increasing usage of technology has in recent years raised new technical and human concerns. Using the so-called Moore’s Law, named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, we see that the complexity of semiconductors has doubled every year at a constant cost since 1959, and it is predicted that this trend will continue over the next ten years. But this prediction, described as a somewhat abusive law, is finally true well beyond ten years. Reassessed in the meantime, it is still confirmed today by the fact that the number of transistors for microprocessors doubles every two years. So we are certainly…

The kickoff meeting is such a critical moment in a project; an opportunity to establish common goals and purpose in completing the work.

Goal of a kickoff meeting

  • Get a formal GO for the project before it starts or establish what needs to be fixed before starting the project
  • Give a starting date to the project
  • Make sure the key stakeholders are up on the project and its requirements (e.g people and/or hardware)

Development should not be done before the kick-off to ensure the design and architecture are agreed-upon by all stakeholders first.

In which cases should you plan a kick-off?

A formal kick-off meeting must be set up if at least one…


  • Teamwork & Spirit & Communication are keys
  • Daily standup getting shorter
  • Commitment to stick to estimates
  • Knowledge and technical stuff sharing (avoiding Super Heroes)
  • Feeling owner
  • Support from the team for the newcomers
  • Ask for help as soon as possible
  • Pair programming and reviewing to get better understanding
  • Be a trustworthy team member
  • Tell when you go offline so that team understands if you’re online
  • Sharing vision and plans


  • Introducing a new technology into the stack should be validated by product needs first
  • Include all team members in decisions
  • Keep every meetings structured and time-boxed
  • Keep and shoot…

SRE History

S.R.E. is for “Site Reliability Engineering” with a motto

“Hope is not a strategy”

Yet Another Article

I have embraced these methods and practices in my professional experiences in recent years. So I naturally wanted to put them in place when I arrived at my new company being convinced of their adoptions and their efficiency. The best definition that could be done could be summed up by

SRE = human + processes

which I detail later in this article. But first of all, what is SRE? Like DevOps? What is its origin and values ​​for a company?

SRE originated with Ben Treynor VP…

Didier Caroff

VP Engineering @akeneopim. Follow me on or check out some of my initiatives at

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